Recipe Roundup 1.0

New York Times article by Melissa Clark about the joys of autumn baking, including recipes for tomato eclairs, ratatouille pot pies, and a fig-stilton tart:

Mark Bittman for the New York Times gives a recipe for sweet potato salad with black beans, chili, lime and cilantro:

NPR story with three corn pudding recipes:

Recipe for date bread from Smitten Kitchen:

Recipe for corn chowder with red shrimp from the Wednesday Chef:


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Food News 1.0

Washington Post article by Jane Black about Revolution Foods, a company that is rethinking how to make affordable & healthful school lunches:

Washington Post article by Jane Black about Barton Seaver being named chef of the year by Esquire magazine. Does he deserve it?

NPR story on by Beth Hoffman, a company founded in the Bay Area to get organic produce to chefs:

NPR story by Maggie Mertens on (not) eating your fruits and vegetables:

New York Times article by William Neuman about how too many cows and too much milk equal a headache for the dairy industry:

In a Newsweek article, Eric Ripert admits he likes American cheese:

Los Angeles Times article about the new Smart Choices label program. A sign of nutrition or brand marketing?

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History of Zucchini

Zuc-chi-ni [zōō-kē’nē] is a variety of the plant species, Cucurbita pepo, which is within the genus Cucurbita. The zucchini is one of several different squash types grouped in the Cucurbita pepo species, including acorn squash, crookneck squash, and field pumpkin. Continue reading

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